raxters artbox (Trip The Light Fantastic, SADCAT, and other colour things)

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raxters artbox (Trip The Light Fantastic, SADCAT, and other colour things)

Post by raxter on Fri Nov 27, 2015 11:06 am

Hello lovely people!

I was meant to post this last week but life has gotten in the way.

So, these are my projects currently, I mean I usually have too many going on but these are the ones that I can actually show people. This is more me just showing what I'm doing than to get feedback explicitly, but I'm always up for feedback of any sort if you have! (so please be harsh if you need to)

Mainly these are in VR (Oculus) but they can be played without a headset... I would recommend with one though if you can.

Trip the Light Fantastic - a meditative VR game about flying through a starfield. Like I was saying at the meetup, there is something about the abstractness of the world, coupled with the presence of VR that really brings you into this pretty world but at the same time it's also a world you don't recognize. I'm quite proud of it Smile

S.A.D. cat - not sooo much an art game but the artists and musician on this really made such a lovely thick atmosphere with the short time we had. The mechanic is interesting I think so I find it's an unusual and intriguing experience (I mean, I made it, so of course I think nice things about it).

I'm currently trying out, well basically anything with colour. Expecially bright saturated pinks and oranges (just because I'm obsessed with them at the moment). I'm hoping to build a VR game where your headset controls the hues (just 2 colours for now, one for the x axis one for the y-axis) of a textured, gradient-ed image that covers your whole visual space and you can just sit in the colours and explore different colour combinations. I've been warned of over-saturation burnout something in the eyes but I guess I'll find out what it'll be like soon enough :p Hopefully will have a demo next week (though it'll be based on this I made the other day http://www.raxterworks.com/Prototypes/Filled/ - Unity webplayer)

As a closing thought:
I can't remember who but someone said something along the lines of their game not being finished (I wrote this down and was just reading it now). It reminded me of a conversation I had where I was trying to figure out if a game I was working on was finished or not. the person I was speaking to told me "a game is never finished". I don't remember the details but they were saying basically you can always add onto a game, change it, explore new things with it. It can be finished in a sense that it's doing some of the things you wanted it to do. But it is what it is at a time, perhaps. And I try not to overthink what a project could be but focus on what it is right now.


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